Community leaders - Youth LED kids learn first aid

Community Leaders in action – Moorelands’ Hub, May 11, 2016

We’re still looking to fill one or two more positions at Moorelands Wilderness Camp!

Join our community – we are looking for:

– Male Staff

– a Head Lifeguard

– a Leadership Camp Canoe Tripper

If you think you’ve got the leadership skills it takes to deliver creative, safe, fun and effective programs for participants then head over to the jobs page to learn more and apply!If you think you’ve got the leadership skills it takes to be one of our community leaders and deliver creative, safe, fun and effective programs for participants then head over to the jobs page to learn more and apply!

One of our favourite community activities is singing campfire songs at a Moorelands campfires. One of David’s favourite campfire songs is called Skat and its a repeat after me song. Amos loves singing Boa Constrictor with everyone. What’s your favourite camp song? Is there one that we maybe don’t sing anymore that you would want to bring back?

At Youth Lead Excel Demonstrate (LED) and Youth LED Volunteer, Moorelands prepares kids to become leaders in their community. As well as important leadership skills training and volunteer hours, both programs also offer youth the opportunity to gain valuable First Aid Certifications.

Participants from each program were invited to take part in First Aid Training – Youth LED kids gained certification in Basic First Aid while the older Youth LED Volunteers became certified in Emergency First Aid.  We’re glad to help provide our community leaders with potentially life-saving skills and at the same time help them continue to hone their teamwork, communication and problem solving skills.


At BLAST Gateway, participants have been investigating water and surface tension by experimenting with Soap Powered Boats! In this super exciting activity, participants learned about water molecules while also developing their teamwork and problem solving skills. Check out the pictures above!Over at BLAST Grenoble, leadership skill development has been the focus this week. Participants have been working in teams to plan and run their own day at program. So far all the activities planned and delivered have been a massive success. Well done BLAST Grenoble!

Meanwhile at BLAST Thorncliffe, kids have been enjoying the opportunity to learn about different cultures and backgrounds through taking part in activities on the topic of Greece.Don’t forget you can support BLAST and all our programs by buying tickets for our fundraiser starring Andrew Cash – Cash for Moorelands!Have a great week!

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