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Autumn’s story – Send a Kid to Camp

Autumn got her first break at age 8, when she got the chance to attend Moorelands Wilderness Camp thanks to supporters of Moorelands’ Send a Kid to Camp campaign.

In those early years, Autumn gave camp staff quite a challenge. She isolated herself and was reluctant to participate. Strongwilled, with great determination and courage, she was ill-equipped to channel these qualities productively. Fast forward seven years and a lot of attention and guidance from summers at Moorelands’ camp, Autumn is now a successful graduate of our A.C.E. leadership program. She has also applied to join us this summer for our Skills and Leadership Training (S.A.L.T.) program. Here’s how Autumn herself describes the impact of camp:

“Moorelands makes me feel safe and accepted. It helped me let go of things I didn’t know I was carrying and make new friends. It showed me a place where everyone strives to be their best self and look out for one another. I only wish that everyone could experience this extraordinary home away from home.”

Moorelands Wilderness Camp isn’t just a camp… it’s a place where life-skill lessons are built into the fun. Through a range of outdoor activities campers learn that they can lead; co-operate; innovate; persevere; conquer. And, above all, they discover in themselves abilities they never knew they had.

Taking that new-found confidence back home, they make yet another discovery: they’re not only inspired to do more with their lives… they now know how to begin.It costs $1150 to send Autumn to camp. So Autumn and the 600 other boys and girls who’ll discover themselves at Moorelands Wilderness Camp this summer just need two things from you: your belief in them.  And your donation to their cause.

Any amount you choose to give will make a difference. So please make a donation to Moorelands Wilderness Camp today.  You’ll change a child’s future this summer.  And won’t that feel good?

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