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Moorelands Repositioning For Success

Moorelands is changing to lead the way for another 100 years.

Earlier this year the Moorelands’ Board of Directors and Executive Director, Lynda Tilley, developed a compelling two-year strategy and operational plan to “serve more kids” and “serve kids more.” These two key objectives put into action the revitalization of Moorelands’ future work plan, the creation and adoption of a new vision and mission, and the development of a new brand image consistent with our desired future.

Our new vision, “We Empower Kids to Transform their Lives,” is what we stand for and what we continue to work towards accomplishing. In other words, it’s what sets us apart from other organizations working with and for kids. How we uniquely do this is part of our mission. Check out our new vision and mission statements.

We’ve also changed our name from “Moorelands Community Services” to “Moorelands Kids.” This change respects our past and present while helping us to reposition the Moorelands brand to reflect who we serve. The name Moorelands remains central to our new name; the extension of the word, “Kids,” helps clarify who we serve.

We’re evolving our brand image to be more compelling to our diverse and broad readership. The Moorelands brand is all about how we present ourselves to our community and the families and kids that we serve. It’s also about the image and experience that we create for families, kids, schools, donors, volunteers, the media, and the broader community.

In addition, you will notice a new logo. This logo embraces diversity, vibrancy, community and celebration through the child’s outreached arms in celebration of life and leadership. The figure is surrounded by multiple colors contained in the letter “M,” which stands for Moorelands Kids living and leading in diverse communities.

Last, but not least, is a new name for our newsletter, myMoorelands. It reflects our desired connection with each of you. For more insight into all these changes, please read the Message from our President, Robert Webb, and the Report from our Executive Director, Lynda Tilley.

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