Mission & Values

Our Core Beliefs

mission and values

We believe that every child has the right to succeed in life.

We believe that every child has strengths regardless of their life circumstance.

We believe that kids from low-income families face hurdles that other kids don’t, and because of this, they miss out on reaching their full potential.

We believe that equipping kids with the tools to thrive will give them a better chance.

We believe that their success is our legacy.

Our Vision

mission and values

We Empower Kids to Transform Their Lives

Our Mission

Mission and Values

We empower kids and set them up for success by:

  • Advocating for positive youth development to enable and empower kids to meet the challenges of adolescence and adulthood and to achieve her or his full potential.
  • Creating connections with families and kids in low-income neighborhoods and families.
  • Forming partnerships with schools, community agencies and individuals to collaborate with and support Moorelands Kids programs.
  • Investing in leadership and life skills learning programs for kids to create connections, build confidence, gain competence and develop character.
  • Leveraging and protecting our world class assets through Moorelands Camp, Moorelands After-School Programs, Moorelands Family Programs, our Unique Approach, and our Talented Staff to enrich life skill development resulting in positive, healthy lives.
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