Moorelands Messages May 5, 2015

Hey Moorelands!

With only three weeks to go until our event, Get Jazzed about Moorelands, the Moorelands office is buzzing with excitement! We’ve been thinking about how Moorelands has shaped us and what it means to us to be a Moorelander. Please consider supporting the important work that Moorelands undertakes by buying tickets for the event on May 26th! Check out what some of our staff members had to say below:

Last week, Valley Park Youth Lead Excel Demonstrate (Youth LED) spent time volunteering at BLAST Gateway.  Our Youth LED participants planned a carnival themed ‘fun day’ involving mask making and fun carnival games. Planning high quality programming like this takes a lot of time and effort (as our youth participants quickly found out!). They had to set goals for themselves and think carefully about the learning outcomes that they wanted to see in the BLAST kids. It involved lots of creative thinking and they put plenty of their leadership skills into practise, developing their decision making and communication abilities. It wasn’t all hard work though…all our participants had plenty of fun too! Check out the gallery below:

Over at BLAST Grenoble, participants enjoyed a track meet and got to demonstrate their brilliant sportsmanship as they cheered each other along!

Snake-BubblesAnd at BLAST Thorncliffe, participants made snake bubbles! In this fun science experiment, our kids used plastic bottles, dish soap, material and some good old fashioned food colouring to make the beautiful bubbles that you see in the picture! They learned that bubbles form because of the surface tension of water. Hydrogen atoms in one water molecule are attracted to oxygen atoms in other water molecules. They also got to practise their teamwork, sharing and responsibility skills as they took part in the exciting experiment in a really sensible way.


Don’t forget that our Send a Kid to Camp campaign is in full swing!  Consider making a donation today to help Moorelands provide a summer filled with opportunities to members of your Moorelands Community.

Have a great week!

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