Moorelands Messages May 12, 2015

Hey Moorelands!

There are only two weeks left until Moorelands’ Get Jazzed about Moorelands event!  The evening is going to be filled with jazz, laughter, auctions and more! Speaking of auctions, here is a quick preview of some of the things that have been donated and are up for grabs!

SuperDave aerobatics
SuperDave Ride Along!

SuperDave from Discovery Channel’s “Airshow” will take one lucky person on a ride along with him in his MX-2 plane! He is an experienced and professional aerobatic pilot and can take you on the ride of your life! Experience the wonder of flying with a professional pilot, flying through the sky in ways you can’t imagine. This is a unique and action-packed experience – your world will be turned upside down!

Blue Jays Logo
Blue Jays Experience

We also have an incredible Toronto Blue Jays experience where you and three friends can watch the Jays do batting practice – on the field! PLUS there are tickets for you all to see the game and leave with some cool Blue Jays’ swag including an autographed bat! A must win for all those Jays fans out there!

BMW M235i
Drive this BMW M235i

Courtesy of Proper Television, there’s a chance for two people to take BMW training! You’ll receive a crash course on all the key techniques to drive a BMW M235i and a BMW Gran Coupé like a pro. Plus you’ll get the chance to undertake a timed slalom and even experience a thrilling high-speed lap around a track with a professional driver.

Growler Heights treetop cottage
Growler Heights Treetop Cottage

The last sneak-peak item is a three day weekend stay at Growler Heights Cottage in Haliburton, ON. Enjoy a secluded weekend getaway with friends or family in a gorgeous, newly renovated executive retreat surrounded by wilderness, with a stunning view unmarred by any signs of humanity.  The cottage sleeps 8 and included in the stay are 8 free admission tickets to the Haliburton Wolf Sanctuary – 80,000 acres of natural land and forest that is home to countless wildlife (including wolves).

All this and more are up for auction at Get Jazzed about Moorelands, so buy your tickets now! You won’t want to miss out on this fun!

Homemade moon sand
Homemade moon sand

Last week at Gateway, we decided to BLASToff, to take one step for man and a giant leap for man-kind to the moon!  Well, as close to the moon as we could get.  Gateway participants created their own moon-sand, using sand, corn starch and water! Although they might not have gotten to the moon in real-life, we always make sure that the kids ‘shoot for the moon, because if they miss, they still land amongst the stars’.  The kids are encouraged to always try their best, and by doing so they build the confidence and competence they need to feel successful! Way to go BLAST!

At BLAST Thorncliffe, our kids are learning about Baseball and everything that comes along with it!  Learning how to be a team player and encouraging and supporting one another is just the

Mmmm...cake pops!
Mmmm…cake pops!

beginning of all of the amazing skills these kids will take away from their physical literacy program. In playing baseball, our kids become competent in their abilities to not only play the sport, but in all that it means to be part of a team.

And that takes us to BLAST Grenoble, where participants made some delicious cake-pops! YUM!  What an amazing treat that was.  Everyone got to shine with their creativity in decorating these yummy cake pops up to the nines and then eat their marvelous creations.

Don’t forget that our Send a Kid to Camp campaign is in full swing!  Consider making a donation today to help Moorelands provide a summer filled with opportunities to members of your Moorelands Community.

Have a great week!

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