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Moorelands’ Messages July 23, 2015

Hey Moorelands!

Wilderness Camp is currently in full swing and, as you can imagine, it’s one of the busiest times of year for Moorelands! But if you thought that the hard work only begins with session one, you missed the mark a little…well by quite  a lot! At Moorelands, everything we do is ‘intentional’. This means that built into all the activities we offer are ways to develop our kids character, build their confidence, help them gain competence and skills and create positive connections.  Check out the video to hear our staff (some of them past participants themselves) explain the hidden intentionality behind the fun at Moorelands…

As you can imagine, putting together a wide range of structured, high quality programming takes a lot of staff training and planning time – we expect and give the best!  Before camp starts, senior staff go up to camp and start transforming it from a winter wilderness to a summer hot spot! There’s also months of planning, preparation and resource creation.

In the week before campers arrive, the rest of the staff trek up to camp for orientation week to take training on Moorelands’ Positive Youth Development Framework, practise the skills they will teach the campers and put the final touches onto the activities for the weeks to follow.  Let me tell you, orientation week at Moorelands is hard work! Staff  work hard at learning for more than 12 hours a day. Learning about the place, the culture, their jobs, working with kids, personal leadership habits, character to campfires – there is so much to take in, and it’s all lots of fun!

Check out orientation week in pictures below:

Of course, everything we do at camp is to help our kids grow and develop. Check back next week for updates and pictures about how our campers are getting along!

Have a great week!

Best High res just Moorelands

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  1. Tear up every time i see this. The changes I saw every year in my son after a camp session was noticed by everyone. He is still changing and being challenged as a cabin leader by his supervisors and even through his campers. He is the person he is today because of Moorelands and all he was taught and is still learning as an employee

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