Moorelands’ Messages March 16, 2015

Hey Moorelands!

Last Wednesday, (March 11th) two of our Budding Leaders After-school Teams united for some March Madness! BLAST Grenoble paid BLAST Thorncliffe a visit; they had a pizza party together and then practiced teamwork and good sportsmanship while they played Grenoble vs Thorncliffe capture the flag! It was great to see our kids interacting so wonderfully together and showing their positive peer relationships and sense of belonging…’Let’s go Thorncliffe, let’s go! Let’s go Grenoble, let’s go!’ Check out the fun and games in the video below and in the gallery at the bottom:

BLAST Gateway participants craft their board games
BLAST Gateway participants craft their board games

Over at BLAST Gateway, it was board game week.  The participants worked in teams to create their own board games and then got to play each other’s board games. Through this fun activity our kids were developing their cooperation and teamwork skills as well as practising decision making and critical thinking.

Meanwhile, at Valley Park Youth LED, our young leaders have been creating fun skits to learn about different leadership styles. In this introduction to leadership, they have been learning about leadership characteristics and the three basic leadership styles: Democratic, Authoritarian and Laissez-faire. We’re interested to check out their interpretations of all three!

Finally, don’t forget about our upcoming events, Moorelands’ AGM 2015 on April 15th and Get Jazzed About Moorelands on May 26th – tickets for the latter on sale here!  Also, every day we’re getting lots of camper applications in for our Wilderness Camp – you can find the application here – make sure you’ve submitted yours!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day for March 17th!

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