Family Feud at BLAST

Moorelands’ Hub – February 1, 2016 – Musical Maracas and Family Feud…

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What do you think makes children happy? Lots of toys? The latest video games? Endless candy? Well, maybe all those things could put a big smile on a kid’s face but a recent study from the University of British Colombia found that “Children’s connection with parents, friends and other grown-ups plays a greater role in their sense of well-being than how well off their families are.” This is good news indeed and demonstrates how important the ‘connections’ part of the Moorelands’ 4 Cs (the cornerstone of our programs) is in the work that we do.  All our programs are designed with the intention of helping kids build positive relationships with peers and caring adults. A great recipe for happiness!This week at BLAST Gateway, kids have not only been working on friendship connections but also musical connections.  In an arts and crafts/musical activity, participants made their own Maracas and learned about the instrument’s Latin American heritage. BLAST kids had loads of fun working together to make some sweet beats and letting their creative sides run wild!Over at BLAST Grenoble there’s been some playful competition as participants have been taking part in a big team challenge! At the beginning of the week, the kids were put into groups and devised team names.  Over the course of the week, the different teams took part in activities which would earn them points, encourage them to build positive connections and help develop their leadership skills. One example was a fun game of ‘Family Feud’.  Working in their teams, participants had to practise their communication and teamwork skills to make a group decision on each answer. BLAST staff were so proud to see great teamwork and respect on show!Finally, Moorelands Wilderness Camp is having an Early Bird Registration Contest! Our camp is a great place for kids to form life-long friendships and connections. Send in your completed application for Moorelands Wilderness Camp by February 16th and have your name entered for a restaurant gift card! (Don’t worry, if you’ve already applied your name has already been entered.) Download the camper application form then print and mail it to: Moorelands Community Services, 250 Merton Street, Suite 501, Toronto, ON, M4S 1B1. Good luck and see you at camp!

Have a great week!

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