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Moorelands’ Hub – January 26, 2016 – Reuniting Alumni & mummifying apples…

Hey Moorelands!

A message for Moorelands’ Alumni:

The newly formed, Moorelands Alumni Committee, would like to invite all past Camp Staff and Campers (aged 19+) to attend the inaugural Moorelands Camp Reunion! Taking place at The Dance Cave in Toronto on March 5th 2015, it’s going to be fantastic opportunity to reunite with your old Moorelands buddies, share stories and have a really fun night! Tickets are $20 with the money raised going towards sending a kid to Moorelands Wilderness Camp. A very worthy cause as you all know, so please do follow the link and buy your tickets now.Last week, Moorelands BLAST Grenoble participants enjoyed a fun-filled field trip to Playground Paradise in Flemingdon Park. Field trips are not only super fun, they also offer our participants an opportunity to get to know their community outside of the Moorelands’ setting and share the positive character qualities they have learned (like respect, responsibility and fairness) with the outside world. Check out the short videos below of our kids having a ball and giving Program Leader, Jaleel, a run for his money on the course at Playground Paradise.Over at BLAST Thorncliffe Park, participants are learning about pyramids, mummies and hieroglyphics in Ancient Egypt Theme Week.  Theme weeks at Moorelands help our kids explore and deepen their understanding of different topics, cultures and academic subjects. In one fun activity this week, BLAST kids mummified apples in order to learn about the process of mummification. Not only did this activity help them develop math and scientific skills, they also practiced the leadership skills of goal setting and team work. Great work guys!


More scientific experimentation has been going on at BLAST Gateway where participants undertook the ‘Magic Milk’ experiment to explore how dish soaps break down fats.  As program staff and volunteers from our Youth LED Volunteer program modeled the process, they also modeled great communication skills for our kids and used questioning to get our budding scientists fired up about density! Check out the gallery below!Finally, Moorelands Wilderness Camp is closed for the winter, but can you identify the buildings in this wintry camp shot?


Have a great week!

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