Annual Report 2020

Annual Report 2020

Executive Director’s Report

Achieve More Together! That was the theme we set at the start of the year – it spoke to how much more can be achieved when we share our strengths. 2020 certainly wasn’t a year that anyone expected, but it brought into focus just how important our work is and that sharing our strengths is the key to achieving more!

At Moorelands Kids, we know that children and youth experiencing financial challenges already face many barriers that other kids don’t. For 109 years, our organization has been working to bridge this opportunity gap by creating strong, nurturing community and skill-building experiences that give those children the tools, skills and resiliency they need to overcome the barriers to success.

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Developed self confidence

92% of LED participants demonstrated a notable increase in confidence

Made positive, intentional connections with peers and caring adults

95% of VITAL youth made positive connections with peers and staff role models

Used Skills Outside of Moorelands

100% of BLAST parents reported their child demonstrated improved teamwork skills outside of Moorelands

Were empowered to be leaders in their communities

86% of campers could articulate how they are using their leadership skills in their community

Our Financial Position

financials 2020As Chair of the Finance Committee, it’s my pleasure to bring you the results of the Moorelands Kids’ Audited Financial Statements 2020 and to announce that Moorelands Kids is designated a Top 100 Charity in Canada by outside reviewing body, Charity Intelligence (Ci). Charity Intelligence’s designation is awarded based on a host of measures. Primary among them is fiscal responsibility, transparency, and mission impact. Being named a Top 100 Charity in Canada means we were chosen over 86,000 other charities operating in Canada in 2020.

As an organization, we are committed to being good stewards of the resources, in-kind and in dollars, that you give to us. The 2020 plan originally stated program costs of $1.9 million and all children attending programs in-person. It is no surprise to anyone reading this report that we needed to adjust our plan once COVID struck. It may surprise you to know that we ended the year having met our financial requirements and at the same time, shifted to meet the urgent needs of kids and families, as caused by COVID-19.

As a responsible and agile organization, the Finance Committee and Board of Moorelands Kids approved a plan to reduce our organizational spend by over $450,000. While not sustainable over the long-term, these extraordinary efforts made it possible for us to deliver you a balanced year. With the help of government assistance, it also allowed us to provide a significant carry-forward of $368,000 needed for what we hope and believe will be in-person camp in 2021.

We are grateful to the many new donors, corporations and foundations who chose to support our work and our kids. The single strongest indicator of our success was the incredible support of existing individual donors who continued and increased their support through direct individual giving and a notable increase in gifts of securities, the most tax-efficient way to give. Reports from the pandemic clearly show us that children have fallen behind in mental health and positive development. Only with your help and commitment will Moorelands Kids continue to reach more children.

Together, we can empower them to reach out of poverty and into opportunity.

Alison Larocque, Finance Chair

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Partners Make Programs Happen

We gratefully acknowledge the individuals, corporations, foundations and groups whose major one-time, lifetime or legacy contributions have significantly shaped Moorelands and allow us to continue our vital work in the community.

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