Annual Report

Executive Director’s Report

Typically a child’s world is very small, but even they know that the world is an uncertain place.

Partnering with Moorelands Kids means you have the opportunity to transform a child’s life. Your support helps them write their own success story.

At Moorelands Kids’ we help children prepare for a better future. We know that providing the opportunity for children to develop positive habits and qualities gives them the tools they need to break the cycle of poverty and experience success in relationships, education and employment.

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We are Intentional. We Transform Lives

We intend that children gain skills, experience personal growth, develop confidence and make friends because they have been to Moorelands Kids.

“I tell other parents about Moorelands: “It’s good for your kids’ future! Your kids are able to do more activities.” The programs keep the kids more active and also help them develop their skills and studies as well. What I really like is you’re helping all working parents to look after our children, and ensure their safety. Thank you for all hardworking staff for all your help.”

Priti, BLAST parent

Found Positive Role Models

92% of Moorelands' campers reported they found a positive role model in a staff member

Improved Decision Making

92% of LED participants demonstrated improved decision making skills

Used Skills Outside of Moorelands

93% of BLAST parents reported their child used their improved teamwork and communication skills outside of Moorelands

Increased Confidence

100% of VITAL participants demonstrated a notable increase in confidence

Our Financial Position

As Chair of the Finance Committee I present the results of Moorelands Kids’ Audited Financial Statements 2019.

A combination of unanticipated fundraising challenges, changed plans by some of our regular donors, and an increase in children participating  in our programs,  resulted in an operating deficit of $76,000 in our $1,857,000 Operating Budget.

This deficit speaks to the need for more funds to be raised in 2020 and beyond from both existing and new sources, as we seek to serve as many youth as possible in a sustainable manner.  By far, donations from individuals, foundations and corporations have been and will continue to be our greatest source of revenue.  We are grateful to all who donated in 2019 and look forward to your continued and, if possible, increased donations in 2020 and beyond.

The 2019 revenue shortfall has been accommodated, due to 100+ years of prudent fiscal planning. We have recognized that funding can be cyclical in nature and therefore we maintain an Operating Reserve of between four to six months of budgeted expenses, to offset periodic financial challenges. As a result, we are able to show a balanced year-end in our 2019 audited financials statements. As described elsewhere in this Annual Review, plans are in place to increase revenue in 2020.

Further details are presented in the above Summaries of Operating Activities and Financial Position. Our complete audited financial statements are available online and by request.

Moorelands Kids believes that no child in Toronto should ever have to live in poverty.  It is through your help and commitment that will we continue to expand our impact and to empower children to transform out of poverty and into opportunity.

Rajesh Raut
Chair, Finance Committee

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Partners Make Programs Happen

We gratefully acknowledge the following individuals, corporations, foundations and groups whose major one-time, lifetime or legacy contributions have significantly shaped Moorelands and allow us to continue our vital work in the community.

Patrons Circle ($100,000 +)

Leaders Circle ($50,000 +)

Friends Circle ($20,000 +)

Olivia and Douglas Lee

Tippet Foundation

Ward Family Foundation

Supporters Circle ($10,000 +)

Brodrum Family Foundation

Catherine & Maxwell Meighen Foundation

Jane Ferguson and John Offutt

J.P. Bickell Foundation

John D. McBride

Linda McCain

Yvonne McGregor

Gretchen Ross

The Serendipity Foundation

Lenore Walters