Martha Eisenhoffer

Martha Eisenhoffer

Century Club Member – Martha Eisenhoffer

“I can’t help but love Moorelands Baby Bundles….  This is a great way to help that has enormous value when it is done and delivered.”

Martha Eisenhoffer loves Moorelands Baby Bundles.

For many years, as part of the Telco Community Volunteers Toronto Retirees Club, she has been carefully sewing flannels, burping pads and receiving blankets for Toronto babies born into poverty. For Martha and her colleagues it is clearly a labour of love.Martha first came to Canada 59 years ago from Hungary. She worked for Bell Canada as an Accounting Clerk for 32 years before retiring in 1984. Since then she has been heavily involved with their retiree volunteer program. From quilting blankets for children in Malawi, to sewing heart pillows for patients at Toronto General Hospital, helping others has been a significant part of her life.

Why Baby Bundles? “I understand the need. I was a young mother once… a long time ago…” she chuckles, “There’s so much you don’t know and it can be a very precarious time, especially for someone on a low income.”


“To receive a Moorelands’ Baby Bundle – and along with it the knowledge and the help and support – is an awesome thing.”

Martha goes on to describe what has kept the Bell Retirees’ support for Baby Bundles “going strong” all these years.  “For new moms in poverty,” she explains, “providing for their babies will be hard.” She imagines that most of the items within reach of their budget will be second hand or hand-me-down. “That’s if they have cash to buy the items at all.”

For Martha, the joy of the Baby Bundles program is to be able to provide something “new and beautiful” for these families in need. “Moorelands Baby Bundles is about giving a gift to welcome a child.”

Her passion for the program, and the work that Moorelands undertakes in general, is obvious from Martha’s warmth and enthusiasm as she describes her involvement.

You want to support Moorelands and what they do but you aren’t always in a position to give money. This is a great way to help that has enormous value when it is done and delivered.”Martha is keen to point out that what she and the other members of the Bell Retirees ‘Sewing Group’ do is “just a part” of the program as a whole.

“Moorelands acts as connector to identify the need and provide service, but it’s very satisfying to be a part of the process. Plus I get to buy some beautiful materials!”Martha understands the large commitment involved in volunteering and acknowledges that “lots of people express a desire to volunteer but you need to know yourself and what you can afford to offer.”

Well, Martha, Moorelands also understands the fantastic amount of work that you and your colleagues put in. We honour you and thank you for your support!Please keep your Century Club stories coming!

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