Family Day is Here!

This Family Day, we’re celebrating how YOU share your gifts and strengths with children in families facing economic barriers. “This beautiful bundle provided great assistance to our client, Chelsea. She and family are currently homeless, with five children — that includes one infant and one toddler. Recently, they were staying with Chelsea’s mom, but they […]

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Baby Bundles: A Transformative Gift of Hope and Care

What’s the impact of a Moorelands Kids’ baby bundle? That’s the very question we put to Natalie Di Quattro of Native Child and Family Services, who have partnered with us for more than 12 years. “The impact of a Baby Bundle goes beyond the physical items,” explains Nancy. “It really helps moms that are struggling; […]

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Baby Showers for Baby Bundles!

Mother’s Day is this Sunday and our wonderful Moorelands’ community has been coming together to support Toronto mother’s and newborns in need through Moorelands Baby Bundles.  On Monday, May 7th, the Telco Community Volunteers Toronto Retirees Club showered us with baby gifts and supplies for new moms-in-need. On Thursday, May 10th, we were overwhelmed by the […]

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Jane Rowan’s story

“You just have to do something, make an impact; I always wanted to leave a mark!” At St. James Cathedral, The York Group’s Baby Shower for Moorelands Baby Bundles program, we had the good fortune to run into Jane Rowan. Jane is not only the Secretary of the York Group, with a long history of […]

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Martha Eisenhoffer

Century Club Member – Martha Eisenhoffer “I can’t help but love Moorelands Baby Bundles….  This is a great way to help that has enormous value when it is done and delivered.” Martha Eisenhoffer loves Moorelands Baby Bundles. For many years, as part of the Telco Community Volunteers Toronto Retirees Club, she has been carefully sewing […]

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An Inside Look at How Baby Bundles Make a Difference

“When we give the Baby Bundles, it’s being given to [mothers] that really don’t have the means to have nice things for their baby.” Lois Nuk, Supervisor at Macaulay Child Development Centre 150 to 200. That’s how many new moms, on average, receive Moorelands Baby Bundles per year. Baby Bundles contain basic new items needed in […]

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Ludmila’s story

Ludmila Public Health nurse Sandy O’Connor was concerned about Ludmila. She and her husband Petr had moved to Toronto from Eastern Europe the year before and were struggling with poverty, a new language and culture. A first time Mom with a week-old baby, she was isolated and scared. Petr worked two part-time jobs to make ends meet […]

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Moorelands’ hub – Jan 18th 2016 – lunar landscapes and strawberry crepes…

There’s a lot going on at Moorelands right now… Moorelands City Programs are back in full swing after the Holidays. BLAST Gateway kids have been polishing their cooking skills making delicious strawberry crepes. YUM! Teaching our participants valuable life skills such as cooking is an important part of Moorelands’ programming.  At Moorelands, we know it’s vital that our kids not […]

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Baby Bundles Items urgently needed!

We are thankful to all the individuals and groups who have supplied our Baby Bundle program with gifts-in-kind. Baby Bundles provide essential items needed in the care of newborns. Baby supplies are entirely gifted and volunteers take great care in preparing bundles for distribution. So far this year, your gifts have enabled the distribution of […]

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Moorelands’ Messages January 19th 2015

Hey Moorelands! Last week the office team was busy evaluating our programs and looking at our successes in 2014 – did you know that last year, Moorelands provided 151 Baby Bundles to low-income, new mothers in Toronto?  This vital program is reliant on the generous donations of baby goods we receive from our donors and […]

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An Update from Lynda on COVID-19

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation and public health advice to stay at home, Moorelands Kids’ office staff are working remotely and our office will be virtual from Monday March 16th to Thursday, April 30th. After-school programs will not run. Staff members are available by email or phone. Please visit our contact page to get in touch via email or our staff directory for a list of phone numbers.

We continue to accept applications for Moorelands Camp 2020. If you would like to make a donation, please click here or call: 416-466-9987 ext. 309.

New Virtual Programs Launch!

We're excited to launch virtual leadership programs while TDSB schools are closed. Check them out here: Virtual Programs.

If you need information on COVID-19 or health advice, please visit Toronto Public Health’s website. Moorelands Kids will continue to post updates about our services as the situation evolves.

Stay safe and healthy,

Lynda Tilley, Executive Director | Moorelands Kids