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Leadership Retreat 2018

“The key to successful leadership today is influence, not authority.”  Ken Blanchard

Saturday, May 5th marked the annual leadership retreat for our Youth LED and VITAL participants. The leadership retreat is a chance for our middle school and high school participants to consolidate their leadership learnings, connect with their peers and demonstrate their growth through the two programs.  Plus it was a perfect opportunity for participants to get active. Not only did they take part in high ropes, archery and shelter building activities, they each completed over 20,000 steps!!

Using Problem Solving and Teamwork

The shelter building activity was a great opportunity for the youth to employ their problem solving and teamwork skills. First, they learned the different safety points to consider. Then they were split into two groups to build their own shelter. Shelters had to withstand rain, animals and fit the correct proportions. To ensure that the space was the right size while still retaining heat, the tallest person in the group had to kneel and put their arm straight up. To test that the shelter would stand up to rain, the YMCA staff through dirt and mud. And to test the shelter’s ability to withstand nosy animals they threw a log. The participants did a great job! 

Challenge By Choice

At Moorelands, we encourage our participants to set goals, push past their comfort zones and succeed. But of course, it’s always challenge by choice! In the Log Jam (High Ropes activity) it was great to see everyone trying the course, even if they were scared. Our youth all came down from the course happy with the goals they had set for themselves and achieved.

In archery, program leader Alpha set a challenge that if anyone attained a bullseye then he would drop and do 20 push ups… a promise he made good on when the challenge was reached!

Leading By Example

The leadership retreat was a super full day – participants also ran around in the maze, had some free time to play some sports and, of course, ate a lot of food! As well as a delicious lunch and dinner, there was bannock making at the campfire and plenty of s’mores! The campfire was a great chance to share stories and talk about how participants can influence others and lead by example in their communities by using the Moorelands’ Leadership Habits and Qualities in everyday life.

The leadership retreat is an annual event and often takes place at our own Moorelands Camp in Dorset, Ontario. Want to join in on the fun? Sign up for our Youth LED and VITAL youth leadership programs for middle and high school students which will return in the fall or come up to camp this summer! moorelands.ca/register.

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