Kathleen’s KawagaMonster Lakefest!

Kathleen has been a neighbour to Moorelands Camp for 21 years, ever since her own kids were little. With her cottage located right next door, she gets to see the excitement and joy that Moorelands Camp brings to kids every summer.

“They’re really great kids, happy kids. I see them hiking together, singing, chanting and canoeing on the lake. It’s been a really nice experience,” says Kathleen. “We’ve missed seeing the kids the past few years since COVID began.”

Though our virtual programs helped to bridge the gap during social distancing and lockdown measures, Moorelands Camp is thrilled to return to Kawagama Lake in-person this summer to reconnect and refresh after our time apart.

To celebrate, Kathleen has chosen to host her first Send a Kid to Camp (SAK) fundraiser, the KawagaMonster Lakefest!

On July 23, Kathleen has organized live music in front of her cottage on Golden Bay, for those of you who can boat in for the celebration! Join them for an afternoon and evening festival featuring the band, Midlife Chaos, who will play music on a floating barge on the lake.

“My goal is to get 12 kids to camp, which means raising $20,000. I always want to shoot for the stars,” says Kathleen, who hopes to take on more SAK fundraisers in the future. “I think everyone should help the kids experience what we get to experience all the time.”

Moorelands Kids invites YOU to help send a kid to camp this year.

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