Reflecting on Camp: A Camper’s Journey

As we enter another school year, we reflect back on a summer filled with exciting activities, fun friendships and learning new skills at Moorelands Camp

This summer, we followed a camper’s journey toward community and leadership – from meeting the camper, who goes by her camp name, “Frisbee,” to the excitement of starting another summer at Moorelands as she experiences new opportunities and becomes an assistant counsellor.

“I’ve been going to Moorelands Camp for a couple of years now and it’s honestly been one of the most life changing experiences I’ve ever had,” says Frisbee. “I’ve met so many people that I didn’t think I would meet in my life. I’ve done crazy things like canoeing to an island in the middle of nowhere – I never thought that was something I could do.”

Frisbee started off her summer as a STEP participant where she had the opportunity to practise leadership and learn new skills to use when she returns home. “I feel like Moorelands is a place where I’m allowed to thrive. It’s one of my favourite places to be in the summer.”

Like most of us, Frisbee missed in-person camp over the past two years. “Moorelands Camp not only has amazing people and amazing food, but it’s also a break from reality – from the stresses of school, community and home. Moorelands Camp is a place where you can unwind and learn more about yourself and other people. Summers were very lonely without camp. You feel that absence.”

Frisbee always looks forward to going back to camp in the summer, and she’s excited to be back again in 2022 – and after a week of being a STEP camper, Frisbee embraced a new role as assistant camp counsellor. Now, she passes along the Habits & Qualities she’s learned at Moorelands to the younger campers.

“I’ve been able to set an example of how to interact with others in a nice way,” says Frisbee. “I’m really looking forward to interacting with more campers, learning more names and getting to know each other.”

“I feel like Moorelands is a place where I’m allowed to thrive. It’s one of my favourite places to be in the summer.”

– Frisbee, Moorelands camper

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