What Camp Means to Me

Moorelands Camp strives to empower kids to be confident and compassionate leaders. We want each and every kid to leave camp with a toolkit of new skills AND new memories!

As we prepare for another exciting summer of fun, friendship, leadership and empowerment, we asked our kids to create artwork that showcases their favourite memories at Moorelands Camp. Let’s make these memories happen this summer.

Alysha, 11

Sunsets, Friends and Camping

There are so many fun activities at Moorelands Camp! From canoeing, kayaking and paddleboarding on Kawagama Lake, high rope climbing, campfires, archery and arts and crafts, there is no shortage of fun at camp! Curious about a day in the life at camp?

Kevin, 7

Moorelands Community

At camp, community is key. Building positive connections between peers and staff role models builds confidence and helps kids feel like they belong. Every camper is a part of the Moorelands Kids family and these connections last all year round!

Micah, 13

Spending Time on the Water

Moorelands Camp is located on Kawagama Lake, surrounded by the stunning natural landscape of Ontario. At Moorelands, campers have the opportunity to break away from busy Toronto life and escape to the great outdoors!

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Ishan, 6

Campers enjoy plenty of time on the water, including fishing and a boat ride from the marina to Moorelands Camp. Did you know the most popular fish you can catch in Kawagama Lake are Lake Trout, Smallmouth Bass, and Yellow Perch?

Leena, 6
Going on Boat Rides

Hanna, 14

Enjoying Nature and Learning New Things

Moorelands Camp programs are rooted in Positive Youth Development to help kids learn new skills, build confidence and self-esteem. Camp is a safe, accepting environment for them to grow and learn.

What memories will you make this summer? 

To learn more about Moorelands Camp, visit our page here!

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