Friday Night Campfire – Campers Share Stories

Every session of Moorelands Wilderness Camp ends with a Friday night campfire. It’s a time when campers come together to share stories, sing camp songs, and enjoy skits based on the learnings of the week.

As part of this Friday night fun, just before the campfire, a few campers share their personal stories and favourite moments of camp in the hub. It’s not easy getting up in front of more than 100 people and sharing what you’ve learned. But using the communication¬†skills, new found confidence and sense of community¬†they’ve developed over the week, our campers do a brilliant job!

Check out a few of the beautiful, funny and inspiring moments that campers have shared by the campfire…

Moorelands Camp "is out of this world!"

"At camp, everyone treats me so well!"

"Moorelands is about positivity, leadership and fun!"

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