Wilderness Survival Skills – campers learn about nature and teamwork

Wilderness Survival Skill: WSS is a Morning Activity Pick (MAP) at camp.
WSS is a Morning Activity Pick (MAP) at camp.
Wilderness Survival Skills: Campers learn how to build a fire.
Campers learn how to build a fire.
Wilderness Survival Skills: Campers admire their handiwork.
Campers admire their handiwork.

Wilderness Survival Skills

In Wilderness Survival Skills (WSS), campers get out into nature and learn the essentials of wilderness living, emergency responses, and nature education.

Camp skills learned include map and compass reading, food preparation and storage, knots, first aid and safety, minimum impact camping and weather. The WSS staff members also teach camp-out preparation; ensuring campers are ready and educated about their adventure.

Campers love learning how to build a campfire and taking in the sights, sounds and creatures of the nature walk. At Moorelands Wilderness Camp, bugs are cool!

Nature education with leadership built in

Importantly, these lessons become the mechanism we use to teach vital leadership skills and character qualities that will help our kids thrive back home in the city. Lessons on how to build a fire and shelter are used to develop responsibility, teamwork and communication skills; lessons on prioritising the steps they need to take for survival are used to show the importance of putting first things first in any situation.

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