Beach Blast: senior girls show of their teamwork and creativity with a synchronized swim.

Beach Blast helps kids connect and have fun

There’s nothing that tops a beach party. Or so we at Moorelands like to think! And so, at Moorelands Wilderness Camp, day 5 of each session includes a big ol’ party on Front Beach!

Beach Blast

Juniors and Inters come together to enjoy music, swimming, games, hula contests, limbo contests, and even a dance workout! We want our kids to have fun and enjoy healthy, physical activities with their friends.

Just like a cottage weekend can help adults relax, our campers need time just to kick back too. Beach Blast lets campers enjoy the friendships they’ve made over the week. It encourages them to have fun together away from the stresses of the city. And importantly, it encapsulates the idea of positive connections that is one of the cornerstones of the Moorelands’ 4cs.

Beach Blast also includes a synchronized swim by each of our senior cabins. Seniors work on their synchronized swim over the week and it’s a tool for them to develop their creativity and teamwork skills.

Check out the pics of our kids getting to enjoy their friendships, enjoy being kids and forget about the worries of the world.Finally, watch one cabin of senior girls explain what they’ve loved about their week at Moorelands and demonstrate the strength of the positive connections they’ve built.

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