camp checklist - what to pack!

Camp Checklist! What To Bring (and Not Bring) to Summer Camp

It’s the last week of school and that means one thing…

Camp starts next week!

Can you tell we’re excited?

We’ve put together this summer camp checklist so you know what to pack to have the best week away EVER! Days at Moorelands Camp are filled with fun and excitement, here’s what your child will need (and won’t need) during their time away:

Camp Checklist – What to Bring

  1. Sleeping bag – campers sleep in their sleeping bags on bunks in their cabins. Older campers will also take part in an overnight sleep-out in a tent!
  2. Personal toiletries – both ends are equipped with showers where your kids can get cleaned up but they’ll need shampoo, soap, a toothbrush, toothpaste, a hairbrush and deodorant to stay nice and fresh!
  3. Bathing suit and a towel – our camp is located on beautiful Kawagama Lake and your child will enjoy swimming lessons every day in the sparkling water!
  4. Long pants – yes it’s summer but it can get chilly sometimes in the evening up north, so your child will need 3 pairs of long pants. Jeans and/or sweats are perfect.
  5. Shorts – but obviously it IS SUMMER (at last!!!) so your child will need 3 pairs of shorts for lots of fun activities.
  6. T-shirts – they’ll need 4 t-shirts to wear over the week and..
  7. Long sleeved tops – 2 long sleeved tops for cooler days.
  8. Socks, Underwear and Pyjamas – enough to last the week away
  9. Jacket or Hoodie – to stay warm by the campfire.
  10. Rain poncho – don’t worry even rainy days are fun at camp!
  11. Runners – you’re child is going to be active and will need closed toe shoes for some activities
  12. Sandals – sandals or flip flops are important too.
  13. Bug spray – when you’re out in the Canadian wilderness, bugs are a reality, but bug spray will help keep those critters at bay.
  14. Sunscreen, hat and sunglasses – sun safety is important! Your child will need to be covered up in the sun to stay safe from harmful rays.
  15. Optional items – you are welcome to pack your child a book, flashlight and pillow to make them feel more comfortable.
what not to bring

Camp Checklist – What to Leave at Home

  1. Cellphones – camp is that perfect and much-needed break from phones that kids today can really benefit from! A week offline gives them the chance to connect with each other and form real, enduring friendships; connect with nature and enjoy active outdoor pursuits; and connect with themselves and learn about their amazing strengths and leadership skills. We understand that parents worry about their kids, but please rest assured, our camp staff team members are highly trained professionals and we will contact you should any issues arise. Feel free to call the camp office if you have any concerns.
  2. Other electronics – what’s written above goes for handheld video games, laptops, tablets, and mp3 players etc. We want your kids to engage with the activities around them and each other.
  3. Favourite/Fancy clothes and jewelry – since we’re out in nature, clothing and jewelry can easily get ruined, best to leave “best” things safe at home.
  4. Snacks – don’t worry, your child will be really well fed at camp (we get LOTS of praise for the food!). Campers are not allowed to keep snacks in their cabins as we don’t want to attract unwanted animal visitors… so leave the candy and other snacks at home.
  5. Make-up, perfume and hair products – wearing these at camp is a bad idea since they attract BUGS so don’t waste the space in your pack!
  6. Camping gear – Any camp gear needed will be provided as is appropriate or used by staff. Your child will not need camp supplies like matches etc.
camp checklist

Need more info? Please refer to your camper handbook!

Don’t panic if you don’t have everything on the list!

Please contact us and we’ll see how we can help. Call the camp office on (705) 766-2916.

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