Resilient Neighbourhood Economies Report 2016

Resilient Neighbourhood Economies Report 2016

The Metcalf Foundation has released the findings of their three year pilot project Resilient Neighbourhood Economies (RNE).  The RNE project was created to provide opportunities for low-income residents of Thorncliffe Park and Kingston-Galloway/Orton Park. The Resilient Neighbourhood Economies Report not only gave insight into the economic struggles the people in these neighbourhoods face, but also the reasons why they put the pilot project in place. The report highlights the strategies they implemented to act as co-creators with the community partners.


Highlights from the ‘Resilient Neighbourhood Economies Report’ 2016:

Thorncliffe Park

  • 68% of this neighbourhood is home to immigrants, a quarter of whom are newcomers to Canada
  • 90% of residents are renters
  • has high levels of unemploymentand under-employment, with the official unemployment rate at 16%
  • has a large number of children and youth
  • Thorncliffe Park was identified as a Neighbourhood Improvement Area by the City of Toronto
  • Thorncliffe Neighbourhood Office (TNO) was identified as the community partner for Thorncliffe Park
  • Thorncliffe Neighbourhood Office (TNO) ran a workshop series for local residents
    interested in starting their own businesses, and provided one-on-one business planning, coaching
    and support
  • Thorncliffe Park Women’s Committee continued running weekly bazaars in the localpark, rotating 75 micro-vendors over 20 weeks each year
  • The Women’s Committee also developed a catering social enterprise, Flavours of Thorncliffe, to increase opportunities for the more experienced vendors
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