Applying Camp Lessons For Back-to-School Success

As summer camp season comes to an end, kids return home with new experiences, memories, friends and skills. Beyond campfires and canoeing, Moorelands Camp helps equip kids with tools they can use year-round.

Here’s how camp can set kids up for back-to-school success:

Leadership Skills
Moorelands Kids programming emphasizes leadership development. Through exciting and intentional daily activities, kids learn the importance of initiative and decision-making. These skills can be directly applied in school, such as volunteering for class projects, becoming a classroom helper, or even joining clubs or extracurriculars.

Social Skills
There’s no better place to make lasting friendships than at camp. It provides an environment where children learn to make friends from diverse backgrounds, building strong and meaningful connections with their peers. When they start school in September, they can feel confident introducing themselves to classmates, initiating conversations and practising inclusivity.

Building Community
At Moorelands Camp, kids learn how to work together in teams, collaborate to achieve shared goals, and cooperate with one another. At school, they can apply these same lessons when working in group projects, participating in clubs, getting involved and being an active member in their school community.

Creativity and Confidence
Camp is a safe space to explore new things. It fosters creativity through arts and crafts, storytelling and outdoor adventures. Kids can bring these same creative skills to the classroom, thinking outside the box to problem solve and face any academic challenges with determination and confidence.

Moorelands Camp helps kids discover their abilities, encouraging their strengths and giving them the tools they need to face challenges. But it also teaches kids that they are valued, important and they have so much to offer the world around them. Although the carefree days of summer have come to an end, they can face the coming school year with courage, resilience and new leadership skills.

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