Leadership success: Youth LED kids pose with their certificates

Youth LED Kids on a Path to Leadership Success

Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.

John F. Kennedy

On Tuesday, our Youth LED participants completed their nine-week leadership program demonstrating fantastic leadership success!  We’re so proud of what they have achieved. Through a variety of fun activities, they’ve developed and honed a wealth of skills and character qualities that will give them the strategies they need for leadership success outside of Moorelands: how to set goals, the benefits of being proactive, and the importance of teamwork and communication skills.

Leadership Success

Through all the challenges that come with pushing yourself out of your comfort zone, our young leaders have shown great resilience and their confidence has grown by great leaps and bounds. Through a series of debriefing activities, our Youth LED kids have learned to identify the Moorelands’ leadership habits in their own lives as they solve problems and work together. We’re so impressed by their success. Well done, Youth LED!

Leading a Session at BLAST

The culmination of the Youth LED program is the participants planning and leading an activity at our BLAST after-school program. For our middle school aged participants, this is no mean feat. But our Youth LED leaders rose to the challenge. They planned a fun baking activity that would model teamwork and responsibility to the BLAST participants. Check out the pictures below to see how well received the activity was by the kids at BLAST!Our Youth LED program will return in the Spring for another nine-week program. To learn more or register for the spring program, click here.

We hope to see you all in the spring!
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