Become a Monthly Donor!

Monthly Giving is a great way to make your donation last all year long. Through online credit card payments, or even as a monthly direct deposit, you can pledge your support to Moorelands on a monthly basis. Moorelands Monthly members allow us to save on fundraising costs, streamline investments and plan for future programming all year long.*

You can join Moorelands Monthly giving program online here. If you would prefer to become a monthly donor using a VOID cheque, which saves us transactions feeds, please call us in the office at 416-466-9987 ext. 314 or send us an email.

Although $10 a month may not seem like a big contribution, over a year that commitment can provide a pair of paddles to explore Kawagama Lake at Moorelands Camp! Check out what else your monthly donation can provide in a year:

$10 Monthly Donation =

Two Canoe Paddles

For $10 a month you can give the gift of canoeing and kayaking with a pair of paddles for exploring Kawagama Lake at Moorelands Camp.

$25 Monthly Donation =

Sponsor a Family of Two at Christmas

For $25 a month you can help provide gifts for a family of two during the holiday season with Holiday Sharing.

$50 Monthly Donation =

One Semester of LED Programming

For $50 a month you will provide a subsidized after-school care with the LED program for a child in Grades 6-8.

$100 Monthly Donation =

A 3-Day Canoe Trip

For $100 a month you can provide the funds necessary for a 3-day LEDGE/STEP trip on Kawagama Lake at Moorelands Camp!

*Make It Monthly 2024 is a bonus donation program where CanadaHelps will donate to a participating charity an additional $20 for each new monthly donation of $20 or more and CanadaHelps will donate an additional $10 for existing monthly donations that are increased by $10 or more beginning March 1st, 2024 at 12:01 AM. View the terms and conditions here.

Thank you for investing in kids in your community.

Moorelands Kids is a fiscally prudent organization, run with the highest level of stewardship of the public trust.

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