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What Might Virtual Camp Look Like for Kids?

In a Virtual Camp world, campers will tune in online to meet their Moorelands Camp team! They’ll receive a daily online camp schedule filled with fun, engaging challenges and videos spread throughout the day to mimic moving between camp activities. Campers will simply have to click a link to be virtually transported to Kawagama Lake!

We have been partners with Moorelands Camp for over 100 years. We are confident that together — in-person or virtually – Moorelands Kids and the Fresh Air Fund will provide kids with an amazing summer camp experience 2020!” 

Beth Galvez, Toronto Star Charities

A typical day at virtual camp

Virtual Camp will start with a morning energizer!
virtual camp will have activities like regular camp
virtual camp friends and cabin mates
Virtual Camp

9:00 am – Morning Song at the View

Kaiya’s online camp day will start at 9:00 am; a little bit of a later start than the typical 8:00 am start at camp! Each day will begin with a different activity, like the beloved “Morning Song.”

11:00 am – MAPS! For example, Wilderness Survival Skills at the Virtual Frog Pond

At 11:00 am, the Virtual Camp daily activity will become available – each MAP (Moorelands Activity Pick) is designed to work with what families will have around the house, integrating knowledge they would gain at camp through activities at home.

1:00 pm – Theme Skit in the Dining Hall

At 1:00 pm, the “Theme Skit” of the online camp day goes live – each week, a story is told in ten minute intervals, like a miniseries! These are exciting parts of the day that campers normally experience right after lunch; now they can watch skits during their lunch!

Afternoon – Cabin Time!

In the afternoon, Kaiya will have the opportunity to meet up and talk to her cabin group. With up to nine other campers and two staff members, these groups will meet through a safe and secure online platform and discuss the day. This Virtual Camp cabin time will also provide some much needed real-time interaction with other kids!

5:00 pm – All Camp Games, Campfires and Cookouts!

The evening activity will start at 5:00 pm and will change daily. Some nights there will be campfires; other nights it’ll be time for a virtual cookout; and there will, of course, be All Camp Games! Campers will enjoy many familiar activities they know and love like “Clue”, “Stock Market”; plus some new activities like “Home Scavenger Hunts” which are specially designed to be live and interactive!

“WE know that Moorelands Kids are experts at keeping kids safe while kids have fun! We knew we wanted to top up our gift to them as a direct response to the emergent needs of vulnerable children and families in these unprecedented times.”

Carol Bezaire, Senior VP, Strategic Investment, Mackenzie Financial Investments

Did you know that Moorelands usually employs over 84 young people as program staff every year? Now is the time to show your support and make a donation. Let’s keep the doors open and as many young people employed as we can in September and beyond!

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