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Kaiya’s Story

Until recently, Kaiya and her mom were living with her mom’s boyfriend. But when her mom lost her job, things got horrible at home and they had to move into a shelter. The shelters were dorm style, but at least they had some toys and there were other kids. Enter Covid-19; they were moved again to an unused, single motel room in response to the need for physical distancing. 

Kaiya feels more frightened and alone than she’s ever felt before. She misses her school, her friends and her normal routine.

In times of distress like this, Kaiya’s mind goes to her happy place, Moorelands Camp.  The week away from the tensions of home she spent at camp last summer, with its adventures, learning and strong, new connections with caring adults and friends, was a true refuge for her.

For Kaiya and so many of our kids, Moorelands Camp is an escape from upsetting situations at home: a carefree place to simply enjoy just being a kid.

While the future is uncertain, one thing we know is that Moorelands Camp will still run this year.  The continuing COVID-19 pandemic means that we cannot host camp on Kawagama Lake and send Kaiya to camp, BUT we will still send camp to Kaiya through our new virtual programs. Moorelands Kids is responding to the huge increase in kid’s anxiety and to the distress caused by physical distancing with nimble speed. We are constantly generating engaging and supportive virtual programming that keeps kids safe, connected and growing. Check out our virtual programs here:

Kaiya needs your help right now. She’s living in a motel room with no supports and no access to friends or nature. Please, join Moorelands’ Send a Kid to Camp Campaign; give Kaiya the community, sense of security, and the joy to be found in new friendships.  

*please note, to protect our children’s privacy a stock photo has been used on this page.

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