Toronto Needs More Moorelands!

Why does Toronto need more Moorelands?

Child Poverty & Mental Health

“The odds of a child or youth from a family living in poverty having a mental health problem are three times that of a child from a family that is not living in poverty.” Linking poverty and mental health: A lifespan view; Sept. 2008

Early Learning Vastly Reduced by Poverty

“Recreation and early learning participation levels of Toronto children are highly dependent on family income: half of children in families with annual incomes under $30,000 do not regularly participate in out-of-school arts or sports programs.”  In contrast, 93% of children in families with incomes over $100,000 participate in these programs. DIVIDED CITY: Life in Canada’s Child Poverty Capital, Nov. 2016

New Canadians – 50% of Children Live in Poverty

“Almost 1 in 2 children in the GTA (47.6%), who arrived in Canada between 2011 and 2016, live in poverty. This is almost 3 times the rate of poverty experienced by children in non-immigrant families.” UNEQUAL CITY: The Hidden Divide Among Toronto’s Children and Youth, Nov. 2017


BUT there is GOOD news… see how you’re helping!

What we achieved in 2017 Toronto needs more Moorelands

Of course, to fund all this great work we are constantly looking to you, our partners, who believe in giving kids opportunities.  Help us spread the word about the great work being done at Moorelands and make more Moorelands happen for Toronto kids. If you haven’t already this year, please make a gift that gives children the power to grow into leaders. Choose to transform a life today.


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