Moorelands Camp Story Competition

camp story competition
camp story competition
camp story competition

We’re having a camp story competition!

Share your story from Moorelands Camp and be entered into a draw to win a $50 Indigo Gift Card!

Here are some ideas to get you thinking!
Describe your favourite memory of Moorelands Camp and why it meant so much.
Describe what you learned at Moorelands Camp and how you learned it.
Describe how you use something you learned at camp in your everyday life.
Explain what Moorelands Camp means to you.

What your camp story needs:
1. Your story must be a minimum of 200 words
2. Your story should describe your personal experience of Moorelands Camp and must be your own work
3. You must have been a Moorelands’ camper or a camp staff member to enter.

Deadline = March 31st 2018

Don’t forget, we are currently accepting applications for summer camp 2018!

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