BLAST kids learn science and teamwork

Teamwork Helps Kids Go Further

“Find a group of people who challenge and inspire you, spend a lot of time with them, and it will change your life forever.”

― Amy Poehler

BLAST – Budding Leaders After School Teams!

The kids in our BLAST after-school program have been busy practicing some of the Moorelands Kids Habits and Qualities in their programs! At Thorncliffe, they have been practicing fairness and working together as they baked chocolate chip muffins! While the results were delicious, it was so important to learn that taking turns, listening to one another, and taking each other’s ideas into account are all vital aspects of being leaders.

BLAST Gateway made lava lamps this week, remembering that much like the water and oil in their lava lamps, they might have different ideas than one another, but when you work together, you can create something exciting and beautiful!

BLAST stands for Budding Leaders After School Teams, and working together as a team is a BIG part of the program!

teamwork at BLAST - lava lamps
Teamwork at BLAST

LED Leaders Work Together

At Moorelands Kids, we want to help youth develop skills so that they can become leaders in their own lives and learn to lead others. LED (Lead, Excel, Demonstrate) is a 9-week program for grade 6-8 students that teaches youth about being proactive, respect, responsibility, teamwork, communication, decision making, and positive role modeling. This in-depth program uses many teaching styles, including workshops, role-playing, and games. Participants also take part in a community volunteer placement. Finally, all participants conclude their program with a weekend retreat!

The spring session of LED will be starting after March Break, and we are now accepting applications for students who are interested in developing their leadership skills! APPLY to attend LED today!

Join Us at Summer Camp

For Toronto Kids who are currently in grade 3-8, Moorelands Camp is a week away from the city in a safe, caring, positive environment focusing on new friends, character and leadership development, and having FUN! All spots at Moorelands Camp qualify for a subsidy with fees starting as low as $25 for a whole week!

Moorelands campers develop confidence in themselves, competence and life skills, and also character and connections with role models and peers. APPLY to attend Moorelands Camp today!

Session 6 Photos 2016

Join the Camp Staff Team

Working at Moorelands Kids is demanding, challenging and rewarding! Our staff members are positive, enthusiastic team players who put the needs of others before their own. Each summer we serve over 600 economically disadvantaged children and youth from Toronto. Our staff members are ready for the challenge of being strong role models and mentors who empower kids to positively develop their leadership skills in a fun and transformative environment. Camp staff develop their own leadership skills such as teamwork and communicatoin and gain great experience that will set them up for a range of careers. APPLY to work at Moorelands Camp today!

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