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Summer Camp: Teaching Children Skills for a Lifetime

Summer camp is a time for children to try new things, make new friends, and enjoy the beautiful outdoors. As the warmer weather starts approaching, we look forward to another fun-filled camp season.

Located on the gorgeous Kawagama Lake, Moorelands Camp provides children with a week away from the city in a safe, positive, and incredibly fun environment. But let’s face it – we all know camp is fun! What many of us may not realise is that summer camp also teaches children a variety of positive character skills that will stay with them for the rest of their lives.

We’ve decided to compile a short list of some of the skills you can expect your child to develop at summer camp:


One of the most rewarding effects summer camp has on children is boosting their self-confidence. Unlike school where children are so often faced with strict academic, athletic, and even social competition, summer camp is a non-competitive environment. At camp, every child is a winner. With opportunities to accomplish something new every day, summer camp develops children’s sense of self-confidence and self-esteem that stays with them forever.


Summer camp is an incredible opportunity for children to blossom and develop into who they truly are. When children live away from home, they are free to make their own choices without having a parent or a teacher do it for them. By thinking for themselves, children develop independence, self-assuredness, and trust in their own decision-making ability. This has a lasting impact and can even help children down the road in making good decisions and avoiding peer pressure.


Whether it’s cleaning up the table, making the beds, or helping younger campers out, there are countless opportunities for children to take initiative at camp. But more than that, at Moorelands, our camp counselors go to great lengths to embed the importance of leadership and how to be leaders into every activity that the campers do. By inspiring and motivating the children to be proactive, set goals and work as a team, camp counselors are invaluable role models during a child’s time at camp, and often leave a lasting positive impression on the young campers.


There’s no doubt about it – trying new things can be difficult. At summer camp, kids are encouraged to explore and try new activates that are outside of their comfort zone. Although intimidating at first, being faced with new situations helps in developing children’s courage and aptitude to explore. Oftentimes, children discover amazing things about themselves that they would have never discovered outside of camp. This appetite for adventure stays with kids throughout their entire lives.

It’s amazing to see all the positive ways that summer camp helps children grow. Is there anywhere else children can have fun, enjoy the outdoors, make friends, and learn new things all while developing lifelong skills that will help them succeed in life?

We encourage you to give your child the opportunity to go to summer camp. To find out more about Moorelands Summer Camp, head over to our camp page to watch our video!

By Natalie Burns-Holland

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