Toronto’s Vital Signs Report 2019

Every year, the Toronto Foundation releases its Toronto’s Vital Signs Report which they call their report card for the city. Read the Executive Summary. The report is pulled together from a staggering 294 different studies and data points – so it’s a great guage of what’s going on in this city that we live in […]

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This summer, kids need Moorelands Camp!

Research shows that campers at residential camps take an average of almost 20,000 pedometer-recorded steps during full camp days… an antidote to summer sedentary behaviors among young people.[1] Technology puts major stress on the brain, inhibiting the ability to keep focussed. This affects goal orientation, task attention, and inhibition of unrelated activity or thought.[2] BUT […]

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Income Volatility Report

“About 3.3 million Canadians say they are dealing with income volatility to the extent their monthly income can fluctuate by 25 per cent or more, according to a study commissioned by the Toronto-Dominion Bank.” “The online survey, which was conducted by Ipsos Canada from April 13-23, 2017, using a representative, national sample of 3,000 Canadians, […]

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Maytree Report: What does the data tell us about rising poverty in Canada?

“Over [a] nine-year period, incomes increased across the distribution. But the gap between the highest earners and lowest earners also increased, with incomes at the top rising by 11.6 per cent, compared to a rise of 7.5 per cent at the bottom.” “[In 2015] Poverty rose for most family types, with the exception for children in lone-parent families. […]

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Divided City: Life in Canada’s Child Poverty Capital 2016

Some key findings from the Divided City report: “Toronto continues to be the child poverty capital of Canada: it has the highest rate of low-income children among large urban centres (26.8%)… 133,000 children continue to live in poverty.” In the communities Moorelands serves, the figure is between 40% and 63%. “Recreation and early learning participation […]

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Resilient Neighbourhood Economies Report 2016

Resilient Neighbourhood Economies Report 2016 The Metcalf Foundation has released the findings of their three year pilot project Resilient Neighbourhood Economies (RNE).  The RNE project was created to provide opportunities for low-income residents of Thorncliffe Park and Kingston-Galloway/Orton Park. The Resilient Neighbourhood Economies Report not only gave insight into the economic struggles the people in these neighbourhoods face, […]

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Toronto’s Vital Signs Report 2016

Toronto’s Vital Signs 2016 Every year, Moorelands’ partner, the Toronto Foundation, releases their Toronto’s Vital Signs® Report: a consolidated snapshot identifying the trends and issues affecting the quality of life in our city – progress we should be proud of and challenges that need to addressed. Click here to read the report in full Some […]

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Quick facts about Moorelands Community Services

Quick facts about Moorelands! Moorelands Community Services is a charity that supports Toronto children and youth living in poverty. Every year over 1,100 children and youth enjoy our leadership focused after-school and summer camp programs. Everything we do is devoted to helping our kids develop the character qualities, skills and strategies they need to thrive. […]

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Toronto Vital Signs Report 2014

Some key findings from the Toronto Vital Signs report 2014[i]: Child poverty is widespread and on the rise: After a six-year decline between 2004 and 2010, Toronto’s child poverty rates were on the rise in 2012. (p.84) 29% of children (17 and under) were living in poverty in 2012 – The highest rate in the […]

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An Update from Lynda on COVID-19

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation and public health advice to stay at home, Moorelands Kids’ office staff are working remotely and our office will be virtual from Monday March 16th to Monday, April 6th. After-school programs will not run. Staff members are available by email or phone. Please visit our contact page to get in touch via email or our staff directory for a list of phone numbers.

We continue to accept applications for Moorelands Camp 2020. If you would like to make a donation, please click here or call: 416-466-9987 ext. 309.

New Virtual Programs Launch!

We're excited to launch virtual leadership programs while TDSB schools are closed. Check them out here: Virtual Programs.

If you need information on COVID-19 or health advice, please visit Toronto Public Health’s website. Moorelands Kids will continue to post updates about our services as the situation evolves.

Stay safe and healthy,

Lynda Tilley, Executive Director | Moorelands Kids