Finding Purpose at Camp: Mia’s Staff Spotlight

Meet Mia, who recently arrived from Ukraine as an experienced nurse who has found purpose within the caring community at Moorelands. Her journey began with a friendly encounter with neighbours who informed her about Moorelands’ impactful work with children and youth. With a background in the medical field, Mia was intrigued and inspired to join the cause when a position for a camp nurse opened at Moorelands Camp.

“It’s different, but it’s my dream,” says Mia about her transition from Ukraine to Canada. With a postgraduate diploma and having worked as a nurse for two decades back in Ukraine, Mia recognizes the importance of language proficiency to continue her nursing journey in Canada. Her goal is to enhance her English skills and pursue further education in a Canadian medical college. In her position as a camp nurse, Mia was able to receive support in navigating her new role while gaining confidence in her language skills.

Mia (left) with the nurses at Moorelands Camp, 2023

At camp, Mia was welcomed into a close-knit team and quickly built strong bonds with both her colleagues and the campers. Despite language challenges, her determination to contribute and learn helped her adjust. She describes the camp community as “friendly” and “very, very helpful.”

“Children are very sincere and lovely,” says Mia, who enjoys working with children and witnessing their growth at camp. In two words, Mia describes the essence of Moorelands: “Love and empowerment.” With a deep connection to the children, her colleagues and the camp itself, Mia has found a sense of belonging in our caring community.

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