New Year Resolutions

New Year….Resolutions or Habits?

The turn of a new year often brings the desire to declare resolutions about what will be different in your life. Many times, these resolutions are about self-improvement and bettering yourself. It seems that the whole world is hungry for change. Have you found that resolutions are easy to keep? Come the end of the year, have you achieved what you set out to do?

More often than not, resolutions are broken…. You go to the gym a few times, and then life gets busy. You eat nutritious food, until that delicious pizza is in front of you, or you write in a journal every day until the day you forget.

Rather than stating New Years Resolutions, why not try creating a new Habit or Goal? Making an ambitious and sweeping resolution can often lead to disappointment. Unlike resolutions, we actually become our habits. There are no changed lives, outside of changed habits.

A Habit is something that you do over and over again. Habits are ingrained in our lives: Habits shape how we act.

At Moorelands, we teach that Leaders demonstrate consistent HABITS and QUALITIES.

  • Leaders are people who are PROACTIVE. They show RESPECT
  • Leaders are people who SET GOALS and do FIRST THINGS FIRST. They demonstrate RESPONSIBILITY.
  • Leaders are people who THINK WIN/WIN. They know that FAIRNESS helps everyone.
  • Leaders are people who LISTEN and UNDERSTAND and THEN SEEK TO BE UNDERSTOOD. They are CARING.
  • Leaders know that when doing things, TOGETHER IS BETTER. They build TRUSTWORTHINESS.
  • Leaders CARE FOR THEMSELVES, INSIDE and OUT. They participate and demonstrate CITIZENSHIP.

These Habits and Qualities are what makes Moorelands’ kids LEADERS. Every program that Moorelands Kids provides, teaches and encourages our participants to find ways to integrate these Habits and Qualities into their lives so that they can be empowered to transform their lives.

This New Years, don’t make breakable resolutions, just STATING how you will change things. Actually make a plan to grow and develop new HABITS. Unlike resolutions, we actually become our Habits!

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