Christmas Sharing Brings JOY

THANK YOU to all of our amazing donors and Christmas elves!

Almost all of the gifts have been dropped off, and it’s nearly time for them to be picked up by Moorelands Kids’ families! It’s thanks to you, your families, your organizations, and your overwhelming generosity that 716 kids will have a joy-filled Christmas! Of the 716 kids served, 566 of those children attended Moorelands Camp, and 150 attend Moorelands Kids’ after-school programs; BLAST, LED, and VITAL. Each of these young people have the opportunity to learn the Habits and Qualities of Leadership. Each of them has been part of a program that empowers them to transform their lives.

Spreading Joy

Your kindness shows Moorelands Kids’ families that the real spirit of Christmas is about giving, being generous, and caring for others. Thank you for shopping together, for knitting together, for choosing great gifts. Thank you for the gift cards that will put a Christmas meal on the table. Thank you for the ribbons and bows, wrapping and bags, and for all of the thoughtful notes that will bring smiles on Christmas morning.

Baby Bundles

We’re also thrilled to tell you that, thanks to your generosity, this year Christmas Sharing will be providing supplies to 106 newborn babies and Moms. We know that these gifts will help connect a new mom with a health care worker and community supports that will provide education in the care of their baby. Baby Bundles also provide some of the vital things that they need to start life together.

Our generous donors continue to amaze us as you give what you have to young people.

THANK YOU for helping us to empower kids to transform their lives.

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