New Skills for a New Year!

the skill gap

Moorelands Kids’ programs empower children and youth to transform their lives with new skills, new experiences and a new outlook. Your support has a long-lasting impact on the lives of some of Toronto’s most vulnerable kids. But don’t just take our word for it; discover what our participants say they’ve learned at Moorelands and how it’s transformed them.

Listen to our kids… THIS is what transformation looks like!

new skills for a new year

New Skills: RESPECT

“Because of BLAST, I’m more confident than before and more kind and respectful.” Sayeed, age 9, BLAST participant.

new skills for a new year


“The canoe trip was my favourite part of ACE! I didn’t just learn to canoe, what I learned at Moorelands is that we should be positive in any situation wherever you are.”  Eric, age 15, ACE camper.

new skills for a new year


“I plan on using my skills outside of Moorelands. They will help me to be more organized and responsible. Also, they’ll help with working together at school.” Jameela, age 15, VITAL participant.

new skills for a new year

New Skills: TEAMWORK

“Learning skills at camp about leadership teaches us how to work with others and show compassion in everyday life.”  Sam, age 13, Moorelands camper

new skills for a new year


“What I learned at camp can help me in various large environments such as school where I can learn to speak my mind. I feel able to go back to Toronto and be myself!” Carly, age 16, SALT camper.

Your support makes this growth and transformation possible!



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