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To Transform is to Experience Change – ED’s Report – Winter 2019

Thank you for your incredible support and encouragement in 2018!

Because of you, we ended our year with strength.  More kids than ever before were able to experience Moorelands Kids’ programs and gain new skills.

As 2019 unfolds, we want to share with you the importance of developing new skills.Our vision is to empower kids to transform their lives, but what exactly does that look like? At Moorelands Kids, we know that if kids do not feel safe and supported, they will not branch out and try new things; they will miss out on learning opportunities completely and lose out on gaining vital skills that drive their development.

When we try new things and gain new skills, we transform.

To transform is to experience change. When we teach kids about leadership, we stress that leadership is about influence and that everyone can be a person of influence. You may be up at the front leading or leading from within the group; in either role you can be a person of positive influence. Learning to lead is a process.

As we teach the Moorelands Kids Habits & Qualities to our participants, we see new skills gained and we see them transform.  The kids are given the opportunity to practise the skills and habits that they have learned.  Sometimes children have success right away, there’s a flash, the lightbulb goes off and they get it!

Other times they need to try several times and it seems a much slower process. But for most of the kids we serve (and for most of us), transformation is about the lightbulb going off several times, getting brighter in each instance. Being given the opportunity to apply skills, and make them your habit, is so important if true transformation is going to take place.

At Moorelands Kids’ programs, small steps are taken and there are many lightbulb moments.

That’s what real transformation looks like!

Please consider making a donation to support a child through their transformative skill-building experiences at Moorelands Kids.

As we look forward this year, we’re excited about the skills our kids will gain.  We’re excited that you are part of our community and that together we can share in the work of empowering kids to transform their lives.

Lynda Tilley

Executive Director  

Moorelands Kids

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