Pirate life for me at Moorelands

Moorelands Pirate Life for Me

Ahoy, mateys!

Sorry for the delay! Our Wilderness Camp staff has been busy, delighting campers with swashbuckling escapades… Yes indeed, Session One at camp this year was Pirate Week.

Pirate Week

At Moorelands Wilderness Camp, all our sessions have a theme, and each theme has a dual purpose:

a. They’re jolly good fun

b. They’re an excellent way to teach campers important lessons about character and leadership habits.

Throughout each session, interwoven with all the usual fun camp activities are hilarious character skits. Skits are mini-plays performed by camp staff and take place at meal times and during whole camp activities. Skits are used to teach campers about character qualities (such as trustworthiness, respect, and responsibility) and leadership habits that will help them succeed back home.

In Session One, the skits were about a good band of pirates who faced a not-so-good captain. The not-so-good captain took the good captain’s crew away from him.

The good pirate captain decided to prove his trustworthiness to his former crew so he could win them back.  Skits showed he was proactive in making a plan to do so. The good captain listened to his friends and showed them how if they all worked together, they could turn the not-so-good captain into a good pirate and it would be a win-win situation for everyone.Check back soon for more updates from camp!

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Logo 2016 green with help us help kidsIn the end, the good captain was reunited with his crew and all the pirates learned that together is better.

Through skits like these, Moorelands teaches our campers about good character and effective leadership habits. Habits like:

  • being proactive
  • setting goals and prioritizing
  • thinking win-win
  • listening and understanding
  • working together.

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