Moorelands Messages June 22, 2015

Hey Moorelands!

Sully, Gilbert and Finnigan getting ready for the campers to come to Moorelands
Sully, Gilbert and Finnigan are ready, are you?

Summer has finally arrived and the whole Moorelands staff is gearing up for camp! Only two weeks to go until session one begins! But actually, camp is already a hive of activity. Some of our staff members (both human and canine) have actually already been up at camp for over a month getting the prep done for our campers.  Check out Sully, Gilbert and Finnigan eagerly awaiting boats fully of campers to sail across Lake Kawagama.



The docks on Front beach ‘before’ pic!
Preparation includes transforming the camp from an overgrown jungle into a sparkling clean and tidy paradise…we’ve done lots of raking and cleaning of the whole camp – the dining hall is all set for some delicious food!  Next step – putting the docks together at front beach to get ready to swim! But it’s not just cleaning and tidying that goes into preparation. Our staff work hard at planning to ensure that every activity that takes place is not only fun and safe but also ‘intentional’ – through the range of programming offered our campers learn new skills and character traits that they can bring back home to their every day lives.


Wilderness Camp has also already had it’s first campers… yes that’s right, City Programs came to the wilderness on June 6th for the annual Leadership Weekend retreat!  This yearly event sees participants from our Youth Lead Excel Demonstrate (LED) program practise the skills they have learned throughout the year through activities like the low ropes course, archery, amazing race and rock climbing. This year we saw some great transformations in our youth as we watched them grow in confidence. We witnessed the skills they had gained in the program help them to work collaboratively, confidently lead activities, and demonstrate their ability to peacefully resolve conflicts. Check out our fantastic leadership participants in action:

Looks like those guys had so much fun! We can’t wait for more summer adventures!

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