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Moorelands Kids has the Chance to Do Even More for Kids

Thanks to a generous donor, we have a Matching Weeks Challenge for Camp—out to you and to our entire community!

We know that having the opportunity to go to camp is wonderful for all kids. With your help, Moorelands Kids makes that happen every year for over 600 children and youth who, because of their life circumstances, would otherwise miss out on the learning available through this valuable camp experience.

Helping Kids More

Last year, the Board of Directors challenged staff with the question, “How can we do more for youth?” Serving More Youth and Serving Youth More became two key objectives in our strategic plan.

This spring we asked our supporters what they thought kids needed most. We heard that spending more time with the kids and giving kids more time in nature was very important. Camping, canoe trips and being able to build stronger relationships were key in your responses. We listened!

Introducing project DIVE!

Next summer, Moorelands is offering a pilot camp program called project DIVE! It will be based on our Positive Youth Development framework for campers demonstrating the desire and capacity to grow. For these kids, their time at Moorelands Camp will be extended to two weeks and their experiential learning will be stepped up. They will have increased exposure to outdoor skills like canoeing and camping and receive greater leadership opportunities, such as assuming lead roles in group settings and becoming more accountable for their own learning. project DIVE! is about going deeper into all the areas of learning made possible at Moorelands Camp.

For our kids, over 50 hours of concentrated leadership training and camp experiences will be an incredible experience!

For Moorelands Kids, it’s working towards our objective of Serving Youth More. It’s exploring the impact of more time spent with our kids and youth. It’s about creating quality programs that invest in youth development and it’s about more positive influence in the lives of children.

Matching Weeks Challenge

JOIN US! Take up the challenge! We are delighted that Moorelands has this opportunity to move forward on its goal to Serve Youth More. Let’s ensure that project DIVE! earns every dollar of the matching $65,000 to take full advantage of the gift from one of our generous donors. Let’s make sure that project DIVE! is up and ready to receive participants next summer.PLEASE DONATE to the Matching Weeks Challenge. One of our generous donors is matching every donation to the challenge made between Giving Tuesday (November 27th) and December 31st up to $65,000! Any amount you choose to give will help us reach our goal. Let’s get 55 kids to camp for two weeks!

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