Koda leading archery

Meet Koda – Moorelands Kids Changed My Life!

“Moorelands isn’t your typical summer camp. The camp’s goal is to have every camper grow as a leader and to discover their full potential.”

Koda, a former Moorelands Kids’ camper, is now a Moorelands Camp and BLAST (Budding Leaders After School Teams) program staff member. In 2017, Koda received the Moorelands’ Young Leaders Award and Bursary to support her Social Service Worker studies at Centennial College. This summer she led the archery program at Moorelands Camp.

Communication, Teamwork and Goal-setting

“Looking back at my memories as a camper I feel a sense of gratitude that I was given the opportunity to attend Moorelands Camp. Truth be told, the first time I went to camp it was a different story… I was scared, anxious and mad at my mom for wanting to get rid of me for a week! But man, was I wrong…

“You see, before Moorelands, I used to be a really shy, quiet – “please-don’t-make-me-do-this” kind of girl. With each summer as a camper I became more confident, more ambitious and a lot more a leader.

Attending the two-week SALT (Skills and Leadership Training) program at 16, was an amazing experience. The opportunity to take part in a longer canoe trip really increased my communication, teamwork and goal-setting skills. I’m proud to be able to say that I’ve experienced the best of Moorelands Kids, as both a camper and as a staff member.

Not Your Typical Summer Camp

“These past two summers I’ve been part of a strong staff team with the goal to create fun, intentional leadership programming. We all work to build and enhance the 4 Cs in our campers: competence, confidence, character and connections. As a kid, I never realised how much thought and work went into our daily activities. At Moorelands we don’t do ‘Ds’—we don’t demean, diminish or disrespect each other.

“Moorelands isn’t your typical summer camp. The camp’s goal is to have every camper grow as a leader and to discover their full potential.

“Being a staff member at Moorelands is no easy ride. Working with kids—many of whom have diverse needs—can sometimes leave you emotionally and physically drained. But, whenever I’ve felt almost ready to throw in the towel, I always remember that I’m there for one reason: to show the campers that anything is possible. I am a leader and have to keep going and be that role model that they need.

Moorelands is a Magical Place

“Moorelands really is a magical place. I’m excited to help out at Christmas Sharing this year because I know how much the kids look forward to those gifts. Moorelands Kids has changed the course of my life. When I finish my education I’ve got a new career goal planned… I want to replace Lynda as Executive Director. Watch out!”YOU can give more kids like the Koda the opportunity to attend Moorelands Kids’ programs! Right now we have a MATCHING CHALLENGE which means your donation will be DOUBLED from GIVING TUESDAY – November 27th – until December 31st thanks to a generous donor!

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