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Moorelands’ hub – March 21, 2016 – Leaders “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle”…

Hey Moorelands!

As you may know, our programs at Moorelands focus on giving kids the skills they need to be leaders who can make a positive impact in their own lives as well as in their community.

Check out the pictures below from a recent scavenger hunt activity at BLAST Thorncliffe which took place during the theme week of “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle”.

Participants learned about the benefits of recycling as they were given the task of tracking down recycled items and then competing to build the tallest tower with their bounty. The catch was their tower had to be able to hold a Lego structure for 5 seconds without having it fall down, so teamwork and problem solving skills were the key to success. And guess what? Our young leaders loved it!Over at Moorelands Wilderness Camp, leadership skills are also key to kids’ development.

Through our Adventure Camp Experience (ACE) leadership camp, participants are challenged to become leaders by identifying their strengths, weaknesses and learning to work within a team.

Before participating in ACE, Moorelands’ campers, who’ve completed grade 9 and who have shown positive leadership potential, are invited to attend information sessions in the city.

It was great to see all of these campers come out and share with us some of the things they are looking forward to learning and how they are going to grow this year at camp.

Take a look at potential ACE leaders learning the ropes!

Last week was March break and well…when the kids are away, the staff like to play!

Moorelands welcomed our city programs staff into the office for a staff appreciation and development day. There were mini pizzas, leadership games and lots of laughs as the staff crew got together.  Staff were put into teams to engage in some friendly competition and brush up on their teamwork, communication and problem solving skills – you can tell from the grins on the green team’s faces that they came out on top!  It was great to see our program staff coming together to learn and have fun.Have a great week!

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