Meet Danny Timmins, Board President

“I’m excited about the opportunity to lead this incredible organization. Moorelands Kids’ purpose resonates with me on many levels. Most important to me, it is built on the foundation that every child, regardless of their economic circumstances, has the right to succeed in life. Being able to play a part in helping kids build confidence, resiliency and the self-leadership tools that empower their future life success is a fantastic thing. 

My day job is as MNP’s National Cyber Security & Privacy Leader and a member of the firm’s MNP Digital Team. Prior to joining MNP, I was a co-founder, CEO and President of a cyber security company. I’ve had the opportunity to speak at various industry events, sharing my knowledge and collaborating on the direction of cyber security in the marketplace. 

These jobs afforded me many opportunities to work with bright young professionals and see firsthand the impact of supported young people in dynamic and emerging environments. 

I’ve always enjoyed giving back to the community and have been an active volunteer for more than 40 years with Not-for-Profit organizations, coaching kids’ sports and supporting community events. Leading Moorelands Kids is an exciting opportunity to build a community around some of our most vulnerable kids.” 

The Inspiration for Danny’s Contribution 

“Moorelands Kids offers opportunities that otherwise wouldn’t be available. After school programs, going to a camp for a week, how incredible is that! Kids learn real-life skills in a safe environment with amazing programs and people. 

What resonates for me is that the kids are inspired, and so are the Moorelands staff & councilors, teachers, and board members. We become inspired together in making positive change possible. We are “One Team” doing our part in helping kids be the best they can be!” 

– Danny Timmins, CISSP 

Partner, National Leader, Cyber Security, MNP

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