Taking Care of Yourself on International Self-Care Day

Did you know that July 24th is International Self-Care Day? That means it is an entire day to focus on taking care of YOU!

Sometimes it’s important to put ourselves first. After all, in order to be happy, productive and to care for others, we first need to make sure that our own needs are met. That’s why self-care is so important. It’s also a big part of staying mentally and physically healthy. 

Here are some ways you can celebrate International Self-Care Day:

1. Tidy Up!

Start your day by making your bed, clearing away clutter, cleaning your room or doing laundry. Cleaning can sometimes feel like a chore, but when your space is fresh and clean, you have more time to focus on other things.

Don’t know where to start? Try the “musical cleanup” trick! Put on your favourite song (most songs are only 2-3 minutes long) and see how much you can tidy before it ends!

2. Relax and Unwind

What’s your favourite way to relax? Some people like to go for a walk, bicycle, swim or just sit outdoors and enjoy the fresh air. You can also stay inside, read a book or try an activity like yoga to help you unwind.

3. Try Something New

Treat yourself to a new experience. Learn to bake a new recipe, go bird watching, or find a juggling tutorial on YouTube. Think of something you’ve always wanted to try and do it!

4. Try Positive Affirmations

Write a list of 10 things (or more!) that you like about yourself, things you are good at, or things that make you happy about life. Here are some examples:

I like my hair. 

I am good at drawing. 

I am good at making new friends.

5. Help Somebody Else

Have you ever heard the saying, “Helping others helps yourself?” According to the UK Mental Health Foundation, research shows that helping others also benefits our own wellbeing. It can reduce stress, improve mood, self-esteem and happiness.

And remember, self-care is important every day, not just on International Self-Care Day. Remember to take some time each day for yourself.

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