Learning to Lead at LED!

LED (Lead, Excel, Demonstrate) has closed for this spring session and we’ve been fondly looking back on some of our favourite memories!

Equipping Kids with Skills to Lead!

1. Creating Vision Boards! It was so important to start the LED journey focusing on FIRST THINGS FIRST…they help us to know what we wanted to get out of it, what we can work on personally and as a team, and the direction we are headed. If we want to lead, we need to know where we are going!

vision boards at LED
Vision Boards

2. Learning about COMMUNICATION! We knew that we wouldn’t be able to accomplish our goals without communicating with each other. This was especially true when we did the Marble Bobsled Challenge and we had to work together to get the marble from one wall to the other using only PVC piping, and making sure it didn’t touch the ground! One of the most important parts of this exercise was learning to ENCOURAGE each other!

marble challenge - learning to lead
Marble challenge

3. CARING for others! We spent a lot of time getting to know each other. Parts of our experiences were tricky, and could have been frustrating. But we learned how to care for yourself, and for other people by encouraging them and standing by their side in tricky situations. We did an awesome egg drop that helped us learn about caring.

egg drop
Preparing for the egg drop

4. VOLUNTEERING! At Gulfstream, we revamped garden beds, and we decorated the entryway of the school. At Valley Park we volunteered with all 3 of the BLAST programs, playing games and making bag puppets! We were so pleased to get to give back to our community, and really make a difference!

Planting a garden
Planting the community garden

5. Having FUN! From bubbles and balloons, to singing Baby Shark, we do a LOT of laughing! Having fun with others, being vulnerable, and being a part of community is one of the most valuable parts of the LED program.

The bubble challenge

We have been so impressed by all of the students who have been a part of the LED program this year. They have been committed to learning to lead through the Moorelands Kids Leadership Habits and Qualities. They have excelled at helping others, and most impressive, they have demonstrated that their lives have started to transform as they incorporate the qualities of Respect, Responsibility, Fairness, Caring, Trustworthiness, and Citizenship, into their everyday life, family, and community.

Thank you!

Thank you to all of our participants for giving it your all, and trying your best every week.

Thank you to our after-school program staff for all of the ways you are incredible examples of leadership to our young friends.

Thank you to our donors who make programs like LED possible.

We can’t WAIT to see what next year brings for the LED program!

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