Baseball day 2019

Jays Care BLAST Baseball Day 2019

The Jays Care BLAST Baseball Day 2019 was held on Saturday, May 11th. Thank you so much to our partners, Jays Care, for making this great event possible!

We’re excited to share some AMAZING results from the Rookie League Spring Training sponsored by Jays Care…

Before the training, 85% of BLAST kids didn’t know how to play baseball…

“I learned how to bat really good, field good, run to bases good, catch good. It makes me feel happy I have fun and feel I am good at baseball.”

Mohammed, age 8

After learning to play, 80% of BLAST kids told us that playing baseball made them feel more confident!

“I’ve been to Moorelands for a few years now and each year playing baseball has made me more confident and I have a lot of fun with my friends & family.”

Jamica, age 10


BLAST kids have been working hard for weeks on their baseball skills and the baseball tournament was an amazing opportunity for all three programs to come together and demonstrate their learning. You can learn all about their preparation and the skills learned – like teamwork, communication and active participation – here.

“I learned to be nice to my teammates and respect them.”

Matthew, age 7

We’re so grateful to all the kids, parents, staff and volunteers for making the day such a success. And of course, none of this would have be possible without the awesome Jays Care team – you guys ROCK!

Huge congratulations to the winners from Grenoble!

Altogether there were 60 kids in attendance and the winning team’s prize is to spend a day in the Jays Care Community Clubhouse watching their baseball heroes, the Blue Jays, in action!

“Playing baseball is fun and good for you to exercise and it makes me better at throwing a ball and catching a ball and it makes me better at batting.”

Daniel, age 9

We were so WOWED by how much the kids knew about the rules of baseball. It was really impressive to see teams (including kids as young as six) playing actual baseball games. There were also so many great examples of excellent sportsmanship on display. The winners were humble in victory and the losing teams gracious in defeat. It really was a fun day had by all! Well done everyone!

“I love playing baseball because I cheer for my teammates and they cheer for me!”

Mehil, age 6

Thank you Jays Care for partnering with Moorelands Kids to create lasting change in our community!

Check out the pics below…

Jays Care BLAST Baseball Day 2019 Gallery


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