kids need Moorelands

This summer, kids need Moorelands Camp!

  1. Research shows that campers at residential camps take an average of almost 20,000 pedometer-recorded steps during full camp days… an antidote to summer sedentary behaviors among young people.[1]
  2. Technology puts major stress on the brain, inhibiting the ability to keep focussed. This affects goal orientation, task attention, and inhibition of unrelated activity or thought.[2] BUT research shows that just THREE days in nature can increase cognitive ability by 50%[3] and may also help mood disorders and improve self-esteem.[4]
  3. 91% of Moorelands campers told us that camp taught them to be more responsible; 87% said they had better communication skills, and 87% said they were able to make better choices.

“I love working kids on the sports field.  They learn great physical literacy skills that will help develop their positive attitude towards physical activity for their lifetime.  Kids also learn how to play fair and think win/win in situations where maybe they do not like the particular activity/outcome.  Although they may not like something, they learn they are in control of how they react and can choose a positive response rather than a negative one.”

Alpha, Moorelands Camp leadership team “Kayaking is such an amazing activity for kids to learn about trying new things – we’ve had some kids who’ve never tried it before and maybe go into it with a negative mind-set. But once they give it a chance and choose a proactive response to something they’ve never tried, they become so confident in their abilities and learn that it wasn’t that hard at all! Plus, paddling so close to the water is always fun!”

Cheeri-oh!, Section Head, Moorelands Camp“High Ropes is a fantastic opportunity to develop perseverance – pushing past difficult things! Kids also learn about working towards goals. They discover that setting a goal at the beginning of the week, even if it is just getting up the ladder, leads to great success and opportunities for growth. Watching the campers smash past their goals or fears is so rewarding, especially when they fully trust in their team to support them physically and emotionally as they climb.”

Fisher, Co-Director, Moorelands Camp

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DONATE NOW[1] American Camping Association (2013) Physical Activity and Health in Camps

[2] Kaplan S (1995) The restorative benefits of nature: Toward an integrative framework. Journal of Environmental Psychology 15(3): 169–182.

[3] Atchley RA, Strayer DL, Atchley P (2012) Creativity in the Wild: Improving Creative Reasoning through Immersion in Natural Settings

[4] Hart, J (2016) Prescribing Nature Therapy for Improved Mental Health, Alternative and Complementary Therapies

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