Moorelands Camp is more than just a fun and transformative experience for children and youth—it’s also an invaluable place for staff to learn critical, transferable skills for their future. These skills you gain working at camp can help in your own professional development, preparing you for the job market and inspiring new passions to launch your career.

Learning Leadership
A cornerstone of Moorelands’ teaching is our Habits & Qualities (HQs), a unique leadership curriculum based on the pillars of Positive Youth Development. But it isn’t just for campers. We encourage every staff member to learn and embody the HQs so that you can model them for kids. Whether you’re a cabin leader responsible for guiding a group of campers or leading a team in organizing activities, you can learn teamwork and leadership skills, like how to motivate others, make decisions under pressure, and handle conflict. These are all highly transferable to the workplace, no matter your choice of career.

“As a staff member, I am held accountable and encouraged to grow in the same Leadership Habits & Qualities that I teach the kids, throughout all parts of my life. I’m not only continuously becoming a better person, but I get to empower kids in a curriculum that I believe in and am empowered by myself.”

– Bugzy, Camp Staff

Adaptability and Problem-Solving:
No two days at Moorelands Camp are the same. Sometimes, the unexpected happens. Whether it’s dealing with bad weather or changing up activities on a whim when programming doesn’t go as planned. Working with children and youth at camp teaches you to think on your feet, finding creative solutions to problems. This problem-solving and resourcefulness is advantageous on any resume. 

Teamwork and Collaboration:
We might be biased, but there’s no better team to work with than Moorelands Camp staff. It’s a collaborative, exciting, and energetic environment where staff work together to create a safe and memorable summer for campers. We don’t just teach teamwork. We’re determined to show the kids at camp what it looks like in action as we work toward a common goal: empowering kids (and having fun with it).

Time Management and Responsibility:
Moorelands Camp is very fast-paced, and time management is key. Working at a summer camp requires juggling multiple responsibilities, from supervising campers to organizing activities to ensuring their safety and well-being. You learn to prioritize tasks, manage your time efficiently, and take ownership of your role. 

“The people that work at Moorelands aren’t just there as a summer job, they really care about everybody that they work for and with. It was a community that I wanted to be a part of.”

– Molly, Camp Staff and former camper

When applying for future employment opportunities, highlighting your experience working at camp can set you apart from other candidates. Moorelands Camp isn’t just a summer job—it’s a transformative experience that can shape your future. At the end of the summer, our camp director, David Borsook (a.k.a “Jauntzy”), teaches a “how to put your camp job on a resume” session to help guide your next steps!

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