Happy 2016 from Moorelands!

Hey Moorelands!

From everyone in the Moorelands office, at camp and at our city programs: Happy New Year! We hope you had an awesome festive period and your 2016 is off to a great start! Our office staff are all raring to go and are so excited to get back to work.  We’ve asked them what they are most pumped about in 2016…Katie, our City Programs Manager, is most excited to welcome back our Moorelands BLAST kids and Youth LED volunteers!  Our BLAST Grenoble kids recently enjoyed a science day. Katie witnessed the kids becoming science sleuths in a fun experiment that saw them make invisible ink for secret messages! Oh what fun they had using teamwork to decode each other’s messages.Participants also had tons of fun making foam explosions as they learned about the basic science concept of catalysts. In this experiment, BLAST kids worked with their leaders to explore how yeast and water react with hydrogen peroxide to create an explosion of foam!

Katie can’t wait to see what other fun and wacky science experiments BLAST kids will undertake in 2016.Everyone at Moorelands is so excited to see our Youth LED Volunteers back in 2016.  At the end of 2015, Moorelands Youth LED Volunteers came together to celebrate all the volunteering they had done at BLAST, since September.

In regular debrief sessions, Youth LED program staff encourage our young leaders to apply their skills and help them discover how to build on their learnings. Youth LED Volunteers use those  leadership skills as they continue in their roles as mentors to younger children at Moorelands BLAST program.For Cheryle, our Administrative Coordinator, 2016 is looking bright for Moorelands Baby Bundles! Our volunteers have already been in and are busy sorting Baby Bundle items received over the holidays. Cheryle would like to say a BIG ‘thank you!’ to all the caring donors who provided much needed supplies for our Baby Bundle program.

The total is in: Moorelands Baby Bundles 2015 – helped 171 moms-in-need and their newborns. Our thanks to all our wonderful donors in this entirely volunteer-driven program.For Lynda, our Executive Director, there are so very MANY things to be excited about for 2016. But she is especially pleased to see that application forms are already rolling in for Moorelands Camp 2016. To download and print the application form click here.  Completed applications should be mailed to the Moorelands office: Moorelands Community Services, 250 Merton Street, Suite 501, Toronto, ON, M4S 1B1.Over in the Development Team, Maureen and Ranjan are very excited to connect with our fantastic donors as they make ‘Thank You’ calls to all those who made generous donations over the Holiday season. They’re eager to say Thank YOU, as we’re keenly aware that it’s our donors that make Moorelands’ work possible.As for Min, our Financial Controller, she’s still busy crunching the numbers BUT it looks like she’ll have some exciting news for us as she closes out 2015.

What are you looking forward to in 2016?

Have a great YEAR!

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