Advice I’d wish I’d Had: High School Grads Give Advice on How to Ace a Job Interview

Life is a puzzle, you put it together as you go. Some things fit perfectly, while others don’t, but you always wish you had some advice to guide you along your way.

Moorelands VITAL (Volunteers In Training As Leaders) program helps youth develop leadership skills and positive character qualities that will prepare them to succeed in the workplace. To help our participants as they transition from High School to post-secondary education or the world of work, we’ve created a short series of advice articles: Advice I Wish I’d Had.

In this series, University and College students share what they have learned since graduating High School, from transitioning into University or College to finding a summer job. This week find out what advice they give on acing job interviews.Rabia | Communications and Marketing | Ryerson University

It sounds cliche, but preparation is key. Having done research on the company beforehand, knowing the duties of the job, and practicing basic interview questions (e.g. “what are your strengths”, “why do you want to work here”) will take a load off of your mind. Knowing you are prepared will allow you to relax and be more comfortable during the interview which will then allow you to be perceived as confident and ready for the job.


Arianna | Animation | Durham College

Always be friendly, smile a lot and always make eye contact


Anonymous | Life Sciences | UOIT

Be enthusiastic, confident and keep a smile on your face.Anonymous | Graphic Design | OCAD

Positive energy is great.


Anonymous | Business Technology Management | Ryerson University

Put aside some time to learn about the employer & position you will be interviewing for. You’d be surprised over the amount of people that go into an interview and know next to nothing about the company or position they applied to.


Mustafa | Neuroscience | University of Toronto

Confidence confidence confidence. Fake confidence till it’s genuine. Its actually worked well for me.Anonymous | Double Major in English and Sociology with an emphasis in Education |  Trent University

Be true and be you. If it’s meant for you, then trust that it will be given to you.


Nick | Nuclear Engineering | UOIT

Practice beforehand. Practicing beforehand enables you to go in with confidence.


Giulia | Professional Communications | Ryerson  University

Research the company before hand and have default answers to traditional questions i.e. name a time you had to deal with stress etc.


By Vimbai Chikoore

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